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Facebook has over 1 billion users – this is about one in every eight people in the world are on Facebook (and that includes the elderly and children.) This is the most prolific and important social network. This makes it the best means to promote your promote and market your services, products or just share your interests with others. The power of Facebook is stunning – see background info here. At least 25% of the world’s population uses Facebook (see Facebook stats and information) It is so important that any change in Facebook’s privacy policy is immediately international news as seen here. There is no other social network that comes close to this sort of market saturation(well, Twitter has a pronounced influence as so many news outlets relate Tweets to their audience, but more on that later). This is an exciting marketing medium. Of course, successful market penetration is defined by the number of fans a given Facebook Fan Page has. Facebook fans, now more commonly referred to as Facebook Likes, are a critical component to a successful Facebook presence. The importance of likes is undeniable – see this:

Regardless of your intentions on Facebook, you need to be popular to access an audience and to do that you need Facebook Fans and Facebook likes. You can acquire facebook fans and that will jump start your campaign to get even more fans. Appearing popular increases popularity – simple human characteristic: follow the crowd.

Now Facebook Fans are also called likes (indeed are more often called likes than fans – despite it being a Fan Page they are liking!). A good site is helpful in this regard. Corporations and other entities are constantly urging one to like us on facebook and use all sorts of devices to show. Call it likes or fans – no matter. Either way, they are a critical aspect of managing one’s (be it a large entity, small entity or individual) social presence. It can be difficult and time consuming to get likes in what is called a natural manner. That’s why it is nice to be able to acquire facebook fans. Look, Facebook marketing is really important and, in time, may be more important than your website as outlined in this video:

So you should be acquiring facebook fans and likes to increase your social following. This a crucial component to any marketing effort and today all marketing campaigns must include social media and one must remember that it is important to have and grow a social following as that, ultimately, is from where you derive interest and, if it is what you are pursuing, sales.

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Of course, and as mentioned above, Twitter is also a powerful social network. It’s short communique’s of 140 characters have become THE method of broadcasting to the public – be it news, celebrity updates, sports or just thoughts, Twitter dominates. And, as with facebook, using Twitter as a marketing vehicle is imperative in this socially connected world. What you tweet is broadcast to all of your followers. If they like what they read, they, in turn, will rebroadcast to their followers (“retweets” in twitter parlance). In business, knowing how to understand this and utilize it to its full potential if vital – take a look here:

As with Facebook Fans and Likes, Twitter Followers are a key marketing metric for this social network (see all you need to know about Twitter here. Indeed, doubly important due to the retweet capability which can multiply your message. Growing followers is the operative strategy. To help, acquire twitter fans to get a head start in your Twitter Followers growth strategy.

The power of Twitter marketing is evident in this article which is from The New York Times.

It is important to measure you twitter metrics so you know how to better market your twitter campaigns and to see evidence of what works and what doesn’t. This eHow gives a good explanation of how to to this here.

The much publicized impending Twitter IPO will certainly excite the financial markets, and that will keep those who follow and write about such things busy. The long term impact for users will be similar to that of Facebook after its IPO – more ads. Wall Street expects revenue growth and profits and Twitter’s (and Facebook’s for that matter) primary revenue generation opportunity is with ads. This will diminish the user experience to a degree, but social media users are becoming quite accustomed to seeing ads along with their social sites (Pinterest and Instagram, you’re next).

Facebook and Twitter along with YouTube see here – and you can get YouTube views and you can acquire facebook likes and twitter followers from them as well.

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